Buckhead Aquatics Weight Loss Program

We have spent the last 7 years teaching our swimmers the importance of nutrition and strength training but we have never offered this to our parents-UNTIL NOW!!!

The basics are we combine personal training with meal planning and timing of what you eat, and we make it ABSOLUTELY PERSONALIZED to fit your lives and goals!  It is NOT a fad diet, it does NOT restrict what you eat all day, and it DOES allow you to eat foods you like!  Dieting and working out can be made to sound so confusing, but with our help it CAN be done and it ISN'T that hard!!!   

We are offering a free consultation to anyone interested and there is no commitment, just sit down with me and see what we can do for you!  With summer coming to an end and school about to start back, this is the PERFECT time to build new habits with your new schedules and make this a great year!!!